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GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat c/o FoodPLUS GmbH

Spichernstrasse 55 50672 Cologne Germany
+49 221 5799325 +49 221 5799389

GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat c/o FoodPLUS GmbH

GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat c/o FoodPLUS GmbH

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In 1997, GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat was born out of an initiative led by European retailers from Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. These retailers established criteria for fruit and vegetable farms in order to develop a standard for responsible farming practices. By specifying the sowing, watering, fertilisation and harvesting of fruits and vegetables, the group ensured the safety of the food from the certified farms. Now based in Cologne, Germany, GLOBALG.A.P. serves as equal partnership for food producers and retailers all over the world.

G.A.P. stands for good agricultural practice. The GLOBALG.A.P. standard sets voluntary standards for food growers and producers around the world. When a farm meets those standards, it receives a GLOBALG.A.P. Number (GGN) and certificate for safe food production that protects the environment and assures worker health and safety.

After a farm is accredited, it undergoes annual examinations, as well as unscheduled inspections to ensure the continued standard of excellence. Only 14 years after it was established, GLOBALG.A.P. is already making a difference. Worldwide the company works with 102,586 food producers to certify the quality of their fields and farms. Half of the individuals involved in GLOBALG.A.P. committees are in food retail or service, and the other half are producers and growers.

With such a diverse group of participants and certified farms, GLOBALG.A.P. has even seen itself affect business relationships. “We have successfully brought market rivals together in cooperation and launched worldwide changes in safety criteria,” describes Kerstin Uhlig, the stakeholder liaison and manager of corporate and public relations.

By putting safety, quality and environmental sustainability above their own work, the farms certified by GLOBALG.A.P. are certainly living by the values they claim.

GLOBALG.A.P. is operated by FoodPLUS GmbH and has about 30 employees. GLOBALG.A.P. has a total turnover of about four million EUR while working with companies seeking certification. The business works with over 100 independent certification bodies, which have a presence in more than 100 countries.

GLOBALG.A.P. even recognises the certifications of other farm assurance systems and has worked to grant equivalency certificates to farms which have already completed quality standard testing. Though it has grown quickly, GLOBALG.A.P. is consistently testing new ways to get its message out to growers and producers.

This year, the ANUGA food fair is one avenue to let companies know about the documents and process associated with GLOBALG.A.P. and what that means for their own agricultural processes. “In setting standards for agriculture worldwide, GLOBALG.A.P. contributes largely to harmonising an increasingly getting more complex food system,” says Ms. Uhlig.

With so much buy-in and participation already, the standards set by GLOBALG.A.P. will continue growing and benefiting consumers around the world for years. For more information, please visit our stand 045 at the ANUGA Messeboulevard.

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