Company of the month

Clextral SAS

Excellence in extrusion

As a production method, twin-screw extrusion offers numerous benefits over single-screw extrusion, including very homogenous product quality, enhanced productivity, greater flexibility with regard to the use of different raw materials, energy savings and easy maintenance. The technology was first employed in plastics processing 60 years ago. Clextral SAS, a pioneer in the sector, developed it further and introduced it to the food industry. Today, committed to excellence in extrusion, the innovative French company generates more than two thirds of its revenue in the food and feed sector.


Food Service

Korozo GmbH

Packaging at its best

Turkey is an ideal production location with geographical advantages, competitive labour costs and free-trade areas. The country is among the fastest growing national economies around the globe and one of the top ten production locations worldwide. One company that has proven how successful businesses based in Turkey can develop is KOROZO with headquarters in Istanbul. It has grown from a small producer of plastic bags to an internationally leading provider of packaging solutions for the food and non-food industries. With subsidiaries in different European countries such as KOROZO GmbH based in Cologne, Germany, the Turkish company is ready to conquer the international market.

Alcoholic Beverages

Giffard et Compagnie

From pharmacy to distillery

Since the days of the pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur Emile Giffard, who explored the digestive effects of fresh mint in 1885, a lot has changed for Giffard et Compagnie. At the beginning of this success story in the international beverage market was the famous Menthe-Pastille, a liqueur that has made its entrance in all bars and liqueur stores around the world. Today, the assortment of Giffard et Compagnie is not just limited to liqueurs, but the company has successfully established a wide range of syrups and crème liqueurs that have found an equally loyal group of followers.


Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.

Good for the animal, good for the client

The world loves chicken. A constantly rising consumer preference for high-protein foods and technological developments in food processing equipment have significantly spurred the global poultry meat processing equipment market. One of the players leading innovation in this market is Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. headquartered in Oostzaan close to Amsterdam. The Dutch company is a prestigious supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry worldwide. Animal welfare regularly improves and sets new benchmarks.