Company of the month

Marcato S.p.A

Pasta: wholesome, healthy and homemade

Picture a steaming bowl of tagliatelle dressed in a delicious sauce, or a penne salad with fresh vegetables and tasty fish or chicken. Traditionally an Italian specialty, pasta has become a staple part of our diet over the years, and Marcato S.p.A. leads the way in equipment for making fresh, healthy pasta at home.



Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.

Good for the animal, good for the client

The world loves chicken. A constantly rising consumer preference for high-protein foods and technological developments in food processing equipment have significantly spurred the global poultry meat processing equipment market. One of the players leading innovation in this market is Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. headquartered in Oostzaan close to Amsterdam. The Dutch company is a prestigious supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry worldwide. Animal welfare regularly improves and sets new benchmarks.

Alcoholic Beverages

Santero SPA

A bubbly business

Italian wines are loved around the world. In Piedmont, more wine is produced than in any other Italian region. The western region that borders Switzerland and France is also responsible for the highest percentage of quality wines in Italy. It is home to sparkling wines that are exceptional – and integral to the history of Spumante in all of Italy. Santero SPA is one of Piedmont’s most prominent ambassadors of great wines and sparkling wines from Piedmont.

Oils & Fats

Royale Lacroix SA

Royale Lacroix, a family success!

In the past, butter was considered a luxurious commodity, as it was expensive, rare and spoiled fast. Against this backdrop, margarine came as a convenient replacement and has developed into the go-to product for industrial customers from the food industry as well as for artisan bakers and pastry chefs. Royale Lacroix in Flémalle (Belgium) is one of the oldest margarine producers in Europe, manufacturing about 20,000 t of products every year.